Why Centreville, VA is the location for you!

Winding your way down Interstate-66 in Northern Virginia, you’ll find the perfect community of Centreville. Large, well-planned neighborhoods, wonderful local shopping and an excellent school system are just a few of the reasons to buy a home in Centreville. Located twenty miles from Washington, DC, Centreville is in the southwest portion of Fairfax County, Virginia. It has Metro bus service throughout and great access to many roads, including I-66, route 29 and route 28. Search homes in Centreville on the MLS today and discover what Centreville housing market has to offer!

History in Centreville

The area was established in 1792 but Centreville really came into its own during the Civil War. Centreville’s proximity to important roads helped the area play an important role during the War. Several battles were fought close by, including the Battle of Manassas, making this area home to many Union and Rebel troop field encampments. Confederate Colonel John S. Mosby and his rangers used Centreville’s landscape as their base of operations, which eventually gave rise to Mosby’s Confederacy. Today, home owners in Centreville can enjoy a few of the area’s Historic markers and other sites preserved from this time period, as well as many modern conveniences. This blend of old and new is evident in Centreville homes for sale as well. Centreville real estate offers both traditional and contemporary housing options for interested home buyers.

Educating your child in Centreville

Drawing on its surrounding history as well as the proximity to our nation’s capitol, Centreville schools are bustling with activity and unique approaches to learning. Centreville homeowners are served by Fairfax County Schools, the the 12th largest in the country and perhaps one of the nation’s most diverse school districts. These schools consistently rank in the top levels in the entire country. Sending your child to school in Centreville means he or she gains access to Fairfax County’s Strategic Governance initiative, which sets high performance expectations for students and teachers while trusting them to meet these goals without the interference of the School Board. This empowers the Superintendent and especially the staff at each school to develop action plans and initiatives targeted at that school’s specific set of students and their needs. This commitment to scholastic excellence has drawn many young families to search Centreville homes for sale in hopes of growing roots in this amazing community. Search Centreville homes on the MLS to find your dream home today!

Centreville, Va Schools Information


Centreville Demographics

Proximity to our nation’s bustling capitol, historical significance and a top notch school system are attracting many young professionals and families searching Centreville homes for sale. Approximately 50,000 people make their home in this community, which comprises just under 10 square miles. Residents enjoy a median household income of $92,493 (2007). This is almost double the Virginia average. The median resident age is 31 and 49% of the population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. Centreville is considered somewhat of a bedroom community as there are not many employment centers in the town. There are, however, lots of shopping options and area conveniences that make this an ideal spot for young families. Search Centreville homes for sale today to find your next home!

Buying Your Centreville VA Home

Take a tour of Centreville real estate by searching home in Centreville on the MLS. Because Centreville is located in the western portion of Fairfax County and thus farther away from Washington, DC than many other Metro suburbs, Centreville real estate prices are more reasonable here than those closer to the city. Searching Centerville homes for sale exhibits the wide variety of housing options the area has to offer, including condos, townhouses and single family homes. Who wouldn’t want to purchase a home in Centreville? Searching the Centreville MLS shows the area's many award-winning neighborhoods, all of which are centered around local conveniences, recreational activities for the whole family and easy access to shopping and transportation.

Now you’re here - let’s have some fun!

Being a Centreville homeowner means you never have to worry about what you and your family will do this weekend. You can tour Manassas Battlefield, visit one of the many local parks or load up on local produce at the Centreville Farmer’s Market. Annual events the whole family can enjoy include Pumpkins by the Campfire and the Art in the Garden series, as well as the highly anticipated Centreville Day. This event, hosted by the Centreville Community Foundation, celebrates local diversity each fall by offering rides, exhibits, food vendors and a parade. Search Centreville homes for sale today and become a part of the local excitement!

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