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There's a category today called "distressed properties" that offers buyers some of the best financial deals imaginable. Right now, those types of property sales make up 58% of all home sales nationally! You've probably seen articles about them labeled as "foreclosures" or "bank owned (REO)" or "short sales." They ought to be labeled "Great Values!"

Average sale prices nationally for homes in the distressed property classification were 33% lower than other sale prices in the first part of 2010! Would you like to find your house for 33% less money than you thought it would cost you?

You see, just because a homeowner is "distressed" doesn't mean the property is! Often, homeowners locked themselves into poor financing choices, had a financial reversal, or lost their ob. They are not bad people; they've just had bad luck.

That "bad luck" can be your good fortune, and I am here to help you realize those savings. Also, please remember that it's likely that some of these properties will never be gargain-priced again in our lifetimes. With low interest rates and low home prices, it's the buyers' perfect storm! You may never be able to get this much house at this low a payment ever again!

Many of these opportunities are not public. Contact me today and I will send you a representative list of properties that match what you are looking for. There will never be a better time to find that dream home and it will never be more affordable than it is right now.

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